Monday, August 29

Beauty is not enough for beauty of soul

Not only eyes, skin and lips could determine your real beauty. I know that you are beautiful enough to attract even a butterfly in the air, but This is not enough for the beauty of soul, your shape all and meaning as we can say it ( content ). Humans are sensitive to read sentences inside the others, It is a passion between couples and lovers. We can not continue to introduce our appearance without souls! or should we amend the confusing picture in thoughts and let's focus on the other aspects of life because it does not guarantee peace of mind and confidence.

There are so many mistakes in conflicts among couples or friends can not be solved because of a slight of misunderstanding then it became bigger over the days, so beauty can't be the things all to forgave some offenses or let the others join my life again without souls and passions. The first thing to savor the relationship as many aspects that we built it. Did you ever think what are the relationships based on to assess yourself , what is the best name for this relation, what it would be after a while if nothing left just your soul dreaming about a partner, let's say a beautiful partner, the spirit of friendly and friendship. Casual relationships which based on beauty only and short period of time still exist by different ways, but that does not compensate our soul which lacks real communication with others not our faces!. I heared a proverb a long time ago about comparison between two points in relationships and beauty it says, " I love her because she is beautiful, beautiful because I love her " is there a difference between these phrases? absolutely yes and you can imagine that meaning or link it with your own life to know where the destination more likely to be by following the side that gives you comfortable feeling with your beauty because you are completely satisfied from this issue and you are no longer afraid of appearence to let all people observe your nice face, noise, even steps make you as a queen, and all the previous introduction was talking about soul of beauty and how we contact with the feelings of the others for example in a party, dinner .. etc.

you should feel confident with your beauty and beauty of soul needs more attention to share your own sensation clearly to better life in the future whatever the relationship is or we are going to lose much time by separation and aggression to something does not deserve more thoughts. Another essential issue related to the beauty of soul that you are aware about how to look beautiful. You are indeed gorgeous and those thoughts are just mixture of life challenges telling you, you are not alone, but say yes I'm not alone, but I think there is no one like me!. I feel that everyday because everyone has a different destiny.