Wednesday, August 31

food for losing weight

Instead of Natural diet, Boost Metabolism we will talk about how to loss weight by following natural food tips which is appropriate to maintain a healthy diet while reducing unhealthy food. Let's show examples of that food. simply tips

- pomegranate: Is one of the most delicious fruits, It has the ability to get rid of fat after every meal.
It also contains antioxidants.

- Olive oil: Some researchs have proved fatty acid found in olive oil urges the body to secrete the protein which gives us feeling of satisfy and fat olive oil digest food quickly.

- Egges: Studies have proved eating eggs for breakfast help to reduce weight and increase energy and activity. Eggs prevent the body in the morning as appetite suppressant, so that the most important side to reduce rate of food naturally. Egges contain proteins and low calories.

- Red meat: Eating red meat does not boost weight because that is wrong. Protein that red meat contains help to protect muscles and make the body burn more fats.


Monday, August 29

Beauty is not enough for beauty of soul

Not only eyes, skin and lips could determine your real beauty. I know that you are beautiful enough to attract even a butterfly in the air, but This is not enough for the beauty of soul, your shape all and meaning as we can say it ( content ). Humans are sensitive to read sentences inside the others, It is a passion between couples and lovers. We can not continue to introduce our appearance without souls! or should we amend the confusing picture in thoughts and let's focus on the other aspects of life because it does not guarantee peace of mind and confidence.

Friday, August 26

Japanese perfumes, that's strange!

I love Japan and inventions. Japan always has an extraordinary vision and look to success, not only that,but they are mixing creativity and fun together to make reputation for Japanese products.
these are type of extraordinary japanese perfumes for who has a tendency to the other perfumes and smell.

Get rid of the make-up, damages all the day

Part of the makeup which skin absorbs instead of focusing on its features specially cell renewal. Skin produces fat, sweat and pick up dirt in the air to join the make-up. All these things are mixed together cause drought and skin suffocation, so without getting rid the make-up to remove the dead cells otherwise pores of the face would be affected by this. Make-up is necessary for some girls and women,but it is wrong to go to bed before removing the make-up specifically your eyes must have special care.

Wednesday, August 24

For your breast natural beauty and health

As every beautiful women when you look at the mirror and ask yourself, What do you want to boost or loss even though you are a gorgeous woman with your shining eyes, soft hands smell like paradise and breast .. Oh sorry that's embarrassing side!, but really nice to talk about breast specially your beauty all. Do not stop at that point you can invent something to make them beautiful and natural.wearing comfortable brassiere without strong pressure specially if running or do exercise, that will be helpful. Eating enough healthy food such as proteins meat, eggs and fish every day to preserve the health of the skin. Water sports and exercises perfect for back to be straight , swimming and white

Tuesday, August 23

Lips care, beauty and natural tips

Lips express your natural beauty, it is your personality as well. I think the lifestyle is the essential factor to effect your beautiful lips. Some reasons lead to this issue such as drinking less water, getting used to eat bad food without minerals and vitamins which the body needs. There are bad habits people do not pay attention and lead to crack because lips can not moist itself without oil in the body and sweating. Smoking is one of the most negative factor to change its natural color after a while of smoking then it is dry all the time. With all the previous factors followed by natural tips of the beauty care of your lips.

use honey to keep your lips wet and soft, Prefer to use lip moisturizer cocoa butter. Eating useful foods hat contain vitamin B such as spinach, carrots, bananas, milk, meat and fish. Coconut oil also important to feed lips, it is the same cream and lotion.

selena gomez dress

Fashion designs

Monday, August 22

chocolate drink benefits for health

Do you wonder what is the best drink for you health?. Absolutely we are aware abou the benefits of health drink to keep your body active all the day after fitness exercise or for the wohle body. Water is essential drink for health generally and drink chocolate with milk the most useful for you body nad beauty. Results of the study to a certain of people who drink chocolate after exercises and who do not drink chocolate or prefer something else. According to the first group they feel comfortable and recovered energy and do not want much food. Research has proved chocolate as the most useful drink because it contains the natural protein, in addition to Carbohydrates, and These carbohydrates and proteins are the best resource which the body needs in these conditions.

Benefits of strawberries for health

Strawberry is beneficial to health. It also maintains fitness and contains calories with high percentage of vitamin C the anti-oxidant which is maintains the health of the cells in the body. In addition to iron in strawberry to convey oxygen through blood and keep the body powerful .  Strawberry contains important minerals such as magnesium, zinc which is beneficial for hair, skin and Immune.

Do you know strawberry is beneficial for heart because it is Antioxidant and rich in fibers?.

Sunday, August 21

What is the best job for women?

Do you think women have ability to manage any other job for living?. I'm not talking about work as a manager in company or secretary or even housekeeping because these are right jobs as many available aspects of life, but for example do you think they could work as a plumber in somewhere or woodcutter and sale the wood to eat by the money that she earned instead of prostitution?. Obscene acts are too much not only prostitution, but it is the easiest way for living by showing some parts of the body in addition to night clubs and so. Does that mean women should have a high job and comfortable in a nice place or it would be the big disaster to work in illegal fields. It is up to tendencies and appetite at the beginning then I could not reform all these invisible thoughts or tendencies of  women and let them take a better job, decent job as can I say it. All questions looking for answers why specified of women are looking for easier way although the suitable jobs are avaliable as I mentioned ,plumber ,woodcutter even sewage worker.

Benefits of honey, Natural health benefits

Honey contents almost all vitamins which our bodies need , A, B1, K, B2,B3, H these are the stronger vitamins which the body absorb within two hours or less.

There are also metals and salts like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, calcium, In addition to hormones effective to fight diseases and germs. Let's begin with its importance about the beauty.

Friday, August 19

Ponits noirs

If you have points noirs in your face there is a way to remove the points noirs
by the following natural tips, so you should not buy any products to clean your beautiful face
let's begin

Tablespoon of minced parsley , and a glass of water. Then put the parsley into the glass of water for 24 hours in refrigerator. After that use a piece of cotton to clean places which have points noirs in order. You can also use your nails to open the points noirs. If it does not open you can do these tips more and easily will be cleaned. 

Wednesday, August 17

t shirts and pants

New perfect styles of 2011

Sunday, August 14

women's shoes, sandal

a collection of women's shoes fashion 2011

Natural diet, Boost Metabolism

Losing weight means cutting down on calories. But you have to be careful not to cut too many calories, or your body will slow down its metabolism and make losing weight even more difficult. A slow metabolism means that your body is not burning the calories that it takes in. The key to losing weight is to boost metabolism naturally with your diet. In other words, eat a diet which increases your metabolism so that you burn more calories.

Osteoporosis treatment and causes in women

One of the problems senior women face is how to prevent osteoporosis.
 As our bones age, they tend to become less dense which causes their structure
 to become weakened. These weakened bones gradually begin to get tiny fractures.
 Because they are tiny, one of these fractures isn’t really a problem. But when the
osteoporosis stage is reached, that means a large number of these tiny fractures exists. Collectively, these fractures can cause major problems.

Multivitamin for women

Choosing the best multivitamin for yourself can be a perplexing task! With so many varieties on the market today, sorting through them may prove to be confusing. Use the following tips to help you choose the best vitamin for you.

Get the nutrients your need. Specific ingredients you should look for are: Vitamin A (or beta carotene), folic acid (folate), Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B (thiamin), Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (niacin), Vitamin B12, phosphorus (you need very little), iron (more for women and older men), copper, selenium, chromium, and zinc.

Mascara tips beauty, Eyelashes tutorial

The final step of eye make up. There is no such thing as too much mascara. You may sweep several coats on the lashes for thicker lashes. After kajal, mascara follows. Every one can take a little help from the cosmetic. It makes the lashes appear thicker and longer. Before applying mascara, remove all excess mascara by rubbing it on the sides of the bottle. There is a definite technique of applying mascara. First apply it on the top side of the upper lashes, stroking the color down. Then on the underside of the top lashes, stroking the color up. Avoid using the wand on the lower lashes for the daytime; do so only for an event evening. Apply two coats. Let the first coat dry completely, then apply the second coat. Two thin coats look more natural than one thick coat.

waterproof makeup

I have just hiked eight hours, mostly uphill, through mud up to my shins. Along the way, I swam under a 300-foot waterfall that pounded my face so hard it stung. I am covered in muck and bruises, and I have a two-inch gash on my thigh to commemorate falling ungracefully off a jagged, slime-covered rock into an ice-cold stream. I have perspired copiously and nearly wept more than once. My waterproof makeup, however, is immaculate.

Cosmetics products

Packed with plant ingredients, Aveda Mosscara mascara gently “separates and coats every lash” for bright eyes. Wake up a dull complexion by dabbing RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek on the apples and pout for a soft, dewy finish. With moisturizing vitamins and mineral-based SPF, Tarte Smooth Operator
 SPF 20 “does it all,” say our picky makeup artists, selecting it as their choice for even tone.
Talc-free Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder “eliminates oil in one light dusting” for a flawless face. Photos: (models); Steven Krause (products)

women's health, wellness

Living life as a woman comes with plenty of perks - such as great clothes and a fantastic sense of intuition (among other things). Unfortunately, being a woman also means having specific health needs, which should not be over-looked. From body image issues to breast and ovarian cancer to menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and beyond, women need to be educated about gender-specific health issues.

Women and men share many of the same diseases, but have very different experiences of them. Women also tend to suffer from certain diseases at a higher rate than men. These diseases include osteoarthritis, obesity, depression and fibromyalgia. In fact, women are more prone to autoimmune conditions like Sjogren's Syndrome, Lupus and Hypothyroidism than their male counterparts.

natural beauty advices

We all have our own unique beauty that is natural to every woman. The way we feel about ourselves shines through to the outer image that we project.
Best Cosmetics products are created to enhance our own best natural beauty, and not hide it. Because every woman is different, beauty products can in a wide range of colors and applications.
It's not about staying young forever & it's about looking and feeling your best. We can nurture our own beauty through a variety of best beauty products. Best beauty products and best cosmetics to get you started a best makeup. If you take care of your skin, your complexion will take care of itself.

Saturday, August 13

mouth care

In comparison to the other body parts, our mouth may just be a small portion but this is the most effected one. Cavities and cancer affect the mouth and the throat the most. Proper care should be taken not just to keep these diseases at bay but also to enjoy the food that we eat and to digest it well so as to derive the good effects it has on our health.
  • It is essential to rinse our mouth after every meal and credit goes to the ones who make an effort to brush their teeth after every meal. This will prevent tooth decay and diseases that affect the gum by removing the bacteria.

Tips to keep your hair healthy

Top 10 Hair Care Tips

These ‘top 10’ hair care tips are designed to help you maximise your ‘hair health’.
We are all familiar with the upkeep of our hair on a normal day to day basis; but if you have experienced hair loss or any other hair problems then we hope that these ‘handy hints’ will help prevent any further damage.

This top 10 is as follows:

1. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type
There are numerous types and brands of shampoo, and conditioner but make sure that you choose one that best suits your hair type. For example, if you have dry hair, then buy a shampoo which is designed for dry hair.
And check the ingredients as well. Many shampoos contain additives which can be too harsh for your hair. Look for ones which contain dimethicone and guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride as these will ensure that your hair stays soft and shiny.

Nails care and beauty, Nail Shellac, Nail Polish

They say the eyes are the mirrors to the soul, but it’s our nails that may provide a snapshot of our health.
Taking care of our fingernails and toenails and knowing when to see a dermatologist can go a long way toward making sure our nails look great and protecting our health, according to dermatologists speaking at the American Academy of Dermatology summer meeting in New York City.
“Nails are an indicator of internal health,” says Zoe Draelos, MD, a dermatologist at Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, N.C.
Protecting your nails -- and your health -- starts with:

Foods every woman needs

Heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease — these conditions pose a serious threat to the health of women. And although there's no miracle diet or magic food to prevent cancer or keep your mind sharp, choosing the right foods has a big impact on your health and well-being overall, and may help keep these diseases at bay — especially heart disease.

aging skin and skin health

Just like the rest of your body, your skin ages over time. But much of the visible surface damage, like dryness and lines, comes as a result of sun exposure, which you can protect yourself from. More good news: It’s possible to ease some of these signs of aging in your skin with simple prescription creams.

Aging Skin: Causes and Effects

A variety of factors are to blame for the typical signs of aging skin. These can include:

An Exercise Program

A regular physical exercise program can lower your risk of heart disease and some cancers, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. And exercise can also improve your mental health and help prevent early death. In other words, exercise can help you live a longer and healthier life. So what are you waiting for?

animals facts


nteresting animal facts .

In just about every species of mammal, the female lives longer than the male.

crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.

Sharks, like other fish, have their reproductive organs in their chests.

Cats and dogs can hear ultrasound.

desktop backgrounds


a collection of backgrounds, they were stored in my computer. Each photo that I liked it because of its quality or color I used to storing them in a special folder, as you know it is another tall tale of my daily routine.

Thursday, August 11

Blogger Meta tags, preparing blog for SEO

several simple tips to learn about SEO and how to improve blog search engines traffic by making adjustments which allow you to control your blog's title to fit with search engines lists and can find your blog easily by determining keywords in your title. It's up to you to use the most popular words to link them with the topic. Not any word that irrelevant with content and the purpose of the topic, you can lose your audiences by confusing topics, So who are the audiences ? they are people who want to come back to your site to see interesting topics and come back if your results appear in list of google search or yahoo, so useful content can bring more excellent results by using like these tricks if the content is really meaningful.

Wednesday, August 10

Torrent programs

Firstly torrent is the best tool to download movies, programs and everything you need.
 Easy to deal with it , in addition to many features and fast download to any size of files. I'll show you some torrent programs then I'll tell you what is the best and decide what do you prefer. 


It has many features to download any type of files auch as movies, programs and songs, whatever.
You can see comments from others people about the file you want include torrent sites to search about something. If you download a movie it will take pictures of the movie to show you its quality, so you don't have to download a fake movie which requests to download program to watch it. By the way it is not real even if you download that program. I think viruses or a waste of time by group of people.

Tuesday, August 9

Makeup advice and beauty

1. You can use a highlighter to brighten your makeup. A Highlighter Concealer covers critical areas such as shadows and lines resulting in a natural glow. Apply directly over blusher, mix with blusher, or use just above blusher and around the eyes. Also use under the eyebrows and a touch down the nose. This will significantly brighten the face. After the finish make-up use to cover circles under the eyes, sides of nose, corners of lips and hallows of the chin etc. Blend lightly with your fingertips and brush with powder. The Highlighter can also be applied first, let dry and then apply your normal make-up. For full eyes, use the Highlighter as an eye shadow by applying to the upper end of the eyelid.

Sunday, August 7

English learning


English language

Sites to learn english and practicing everyday. There are more vocabulary and grammar Lessons on sites and you can also test your self in some sites. It's easy to find you level that you want in the options. learn how to talk extend your experience or skills in listening, writing and speaking.

Saturday, August 6



A search engine helps users find the things they're looking for online. The user types a word or phrase, called a query, into the search engine, which then displays a set of results that are relevant to the query. Most search engines provide two types of results listings in response to the same user query: organic (also called "natural" or "free") listings, and paid listings (i.e., advertisements). Google keeps these two types of listings separate, and ads are noted by the phrase "Sponsored Links" appearing above them.

Google Adsense revenue and earnings

Google AdSense enables website publishers of all sizes to display targeted ads alongside their online content and earn money. You can easily display AdSense ads on your website, site search results, mobile sites, feeds, and even your unused domains.

Thursday, August 4

How girl sleep ?

The more intresting is that difference amoung girls and boys. I found it more peacful then boyes and thier faces : )


How to make money on facebook

Making money with facebook! If you are a facebook user or have been around social networking sites for a while, you’v probably heard that! But, is it really possible to make money with facebook? How would you go about making money on facebook?

Well, thanks to some very useful and user friendly applications, today almost anyone who has a facebook page, can make money in verity of ways. With one simple installation, you can be on your way to make money on facebook. Of course like any other methods of making money, specifically making money online, it takes hard work and persistence to be able to make a decent amount of money on facebook.