Tuesday, August 23

Lips care, beauty and natural tips

Lips express your natural beauty, it is your personality as well. I think the lifestyle is the essential factor to effect your beautiful lips. Some reasons lead to this issue such as drinking less water, getting used to eat bad food without minerals and vitamins which the body needs. There are bad habits people do not pay attention and lead to crack because lips can not moist itself without oil in the body and sweating. Smoking is one of the most negative factor to change its natural color after a while of smoking then it is dry all the time. With all the previous factors followed by natural tips of the beauty care of your lips.

use honey to keep your lips wet and soft, Prefer to use lip moisturizer cocoa butter. Eating useful foods hat contain vitamin B such as spinach, carrots, bananas, milk, meat and fish. Coconut oil also important to feed lips, it is the same cream and lotion.