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Zhao Wei: 赵薇 pictures - celebrity style

Zhao Wei

April Pearson photos, style, dress, hairstyle - celebrity style

April Pearson

3 Ways to promote and improve heart health naturally

watching comedy movies, eating chocolate and riding a bicycle are recipes for the health of heart suggested by European Cardiologists to prevent heart diseases. About a decade a go researchers from the Faculty of Medicine in Baltimore in the United States proved that the people who suffer from heart disease are the least enjoyment mood in fun, so they decided to explore the possibility of the impact of laughter directly on the functions of arteries. Picking out volunteers to watch parts of a tragic movie or violent for example "Seveng Private Ryan", They noticed that this leads to narrow in the tissues of the arteries, and when they watch comic movies or comedy make them laugh and the doctors noticed that those tissues were expanded.

Anne Hathaway pictures, style, celebrity hairstyle

Anne Hathaway

Rebecca Hall photos - celebrity style

Rebecca Hall

Gemma Arterton pictures and hairstyle - celebrity style

Gemma Arterton
Gemma Arterton

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Katy Perry pictures, hairstyles - celebrity style

 Katy Perry
Katy Perry

Camilla Belle pictures, hairstyles, celebrity style

Camilla Belle

Julianne Hough pictures, hairstyles - celebrity style

Julianne Hough
Julianne Hough

Hair styles pictures, celebrity style

Amazing hairstyles 

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham short hair

Jessica Alba photos, hairstyles, dress - celebrity style

Most beautiful women in the world Jessica Alba hollywood actress with different styles, hairstyles and dress.

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

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Hansika Motwani pictures: Celebrity style

Hansika Motwani
Hansika Motwani

Celebrity hairstyles pictures, short haircuts, long hairstyles, prom

Celebrity hairstyles: Julianne Hough, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, Taylor Swift, long hairstyles, short, prom and more, you look amazing with your style as the same with these beautiful faces and shining hair. I will add a few hairstyles pictures that deserve showing.

Julianne Hough hairstyle

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Doutzen Kroes pictures - celebrity style

Doutzen Kroes
Doutzen Kroes_1

Allison Mack pictures - celebrity style

Allison Mack
Allison Mack_2
Allison Mack_1

Jennifer Garner photos - celebrity style

Jennifer Garner_2

Jennifer Garner_1

Miley Cyrus style - celebrity photos

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus_1
Miley Cyrus_2

Agyness Deyn Style - short hairstyle - Celebrity photos

Agyness Deyn_1
Agyness Deyn_2

         Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn_3
Agyness Deyn_4

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Sarah Harding hairstyle - Short hair - Celebrities style

Sarah Harding _1

Alicia Silverstone style - Celebrity hairstyles photos

Alicia Silverstone_1

Kristen Stewart Hairstyle - Celebrities Style Photos

Kristen Stewart_1

Penelope Cruz Hairstyles Pictures - Celebrities Style

Penelope Cruz_1

Natalie Portman Hairstyles pictures - Celebrities style

Natalie Portman_1

Amanda Seyfried Photos - Celebrities Style

A walking program - Health benefits of walking exercise

Before you start a walking program, requires you to know the benefits of a walking program and expectations for health, fitness and other psychological aspects. An exercise program regularly helps to improve the physical tasks and health which certainly prevent some diseases and keep your body healthy.
Reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood:
The high level of cholesterol in the blood causes the disease sclerosis or arterial occlusion and cholesterol fatty substance deposited on the inner wall of the arteries and blood vessels, especially coronary artery which feeds the heart. Increase muscle strength physical activities such as treadmill or any type of  walking exercises to increase the ability of muscle and build muscle fibers, through building of muscle fibers to keep them more stiffness, thickness and that helps muscles to prevent injuries of daily tasks and work.

Sunday, October 23

Health benefits of spices - red pepper for heart function - losing weight

Spices, especially red pepper increases the rate of metabolism by 50% over the three hours after eating a meal rich in spicy, which sometimes has normal symptoms after eating these spices such as, increase in heart rate and a rise in body temperature. Some people afraid of eating red pepper because they believe that it is harmful to the stomach and body, but recent studies of the "Food and Drug Administration," revealed a number of benefits to this plant for health in general.

Treatment of depression and insomnia:

Eating hot peppers to increase the hormone stimulates the functions in the body, as it is a natural anti-pain and their effectiveness in improving mood and increasing the feeling of happiness, so it is recommended for individuals who suffer from depression and stress the need to include their diet with chilli to contain a good proportion of "magnesium" which helps to calm the brain and clear mind.

Health benefits of pomegranate - pomegranate juice

The scientists have found that the pomegranate is rich in essential elements of food and vitamins. Pomegranate has properties of both preventive and therapeutic because it is a great pain reliever which can reduce the temperature resulting from common cold. Pomegranate is useful in cases of extreme thirst during the hot weather, cases of diarrhea, anti-bleeding, especially caused by hemorrhoids and mucous membranes. They say that the pomegranate juice makes bad cholesterol less sensitive to oxidation, and this effect, in addition to its role in the reduction of systolic blood pressure and that may explain the positive improvements in the amount of arterial sclerosis. The pomegranate is a sacred fruit when many of people of the world and religions pomegranate means a symbol of life, procreation, and marriage in Greek mythology.

Sunday, October 16

Low cholesterol foods - How to lower cholesterol naturally

Cholesterol is a fatty substance essential in the formation of cell membranes in all tissues of living organisms, and plays an important role in metabolism and exists in abundance in animal tissues in addition to a small amounts in the tissues of plants and fungi. To maintain the levels of good cholesterol health and get rid of bad cholesterol we recommend you to eat these foods for your health.

1. Oats: Replace what you eat with a light meal of oats, which lowers bad cholesterol by 5.3% in 6 weeks.

Monday, October 10

Dark circles under eyes treatment and ways

Dark circles or black under eyes due to several reasons such as lack of sleep, fatigue, anemia, and visual impairment, and whatever the causes are the dark circles are what make the women appear older than her real age. The problem of dark circles are often not a medical problem, so responding almost all conditions for treatment through simple ways as following tips:

1- cold: The cold tea compresses and compresses cucumber are the best ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, because this compresses works to reduce the aneurysm and color in the area under the eye.

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Women's Handbags, tote bags, shoulder bags

Women's Handbags, shoulder bags

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Amber Heard: photos and style

Amber Heard

Headache symptoms and types, Tension headache, Migraine

If you are like the other people you must have heard that the three main types of headaches. Good thing about these types of headaches, says Dr. Holt, is that they all do not cause damage, but this does not mean that every pain in the head is just a simple headache. Here below are types of headaches that could indicate to th serious cases may be less or more dangerous or even life-threatening.

Tension headaches: This is the usual type of headache, characterized by pain distraction surrounding the vertex area in general. This produces headaches often stress or lack of sleep, does not restrict movement and disappear in the morning. It is possible to get rid of it easily by using pain relievers such as aspirin and ibuprofen and other drugs.

Migraine: Migraine headaches affect one side of the head, and may continue for several hours or several days, and it is characterized this migraine headache as a sensitive symptom to sound and light. At the start of migraine can be treated by taking special painkillers for this type of headache such as Advil, Motrin or Megren  (both derivatives of ibuprofen).

Thursday, October 6

Keira Knightley style, hair and photos

I wanted to add some pictures and introduction about this actress Keira Knightley a month a go, so I hope I picked out the right lineaments and style. Keira Knightley appeared in Hollywood films and won numerous nominations for the Academy Award for Best Actress and Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role as Elizabeth Bennet in Joe Wright's adaptation to 2005 from Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice. Two years later, she again was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, as well as the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role in Atonement.

Tuesday, October 4

Eye care, exercises for eye health and tips

Tips for eye care of preservation by doing massage around them to activate the thin skin around eyes. this skin is the most affected by aging factors that show a clear impact upon with retraction and wrinkles. Light massage of the thin skin it helps to activate blood circulation, give it vitality and makes it more resistant to aging factors, but this massage you can not do it randomly, so by simple ways and light movement to avoid impact on thin skin. this daily massage to resist the appearance of wrinkles in this area, especially after the interruption of blood circulation and absence of estrogen hormone.

Health benefits of mushrooms and nutrition

The results of a recent study that eating foods rich in the element of copper such as mushrooms help to restore normal functioning of the heart in cases of goiter heart. The same study indicated that the copper supplementation plays this role through increasing production of blood vessels to the heart, because eating copper helps to improve the performance of the elements that affect the growth of blood vessels. according to the researchers confirmed the participants experiences.

Monday, October 3

Malnutrition causes and diseases

The relationship between malnutrition and many diseases because humans exposure to these germs and microbes as a result of contamination of food with they have eaten "infectious diseases". Humans exposure to the disease due to contamination of food with chemicals such as pesticides, fungi of the plants, animal drugs, as well as contamination of the industry or chemical pollution and radiation, it is called (food and contamination of the environment) that may affect body functions without warning and the easest way to prevent many diseases by washing foods properly if it is from a reliable source.

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Celebrities Style: Pictures

Totally different with this collection:

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Health benefits of Chamomile Tea for hair, weight loss and skin

Chamomile you can buy it from markets and it is always stored in bags such as tea bags, The flower or chamomile natural herbs of the most commonly used in modern cosmetic products and it is a mixture of aesthetic and health benefits. Chamomile is used to lighten hair, especially blond hair which gives hair luster distinctive and brightness by boiling chamomile in a liter of water for 30 minutes and keep it for a while to be cool, After washing your hair by shampoo rinse it with chamomile. The smell of hair may not be preferred, but disappears as soon as dry hair, the tea also used in the same way for black hair to maintain its beautiful color and keep it healthy. Chamomile is used for weight loss and treatment of skin, However, over-drink more than 3 cups a day may cause dizziness, insomnia and vomiting.

Saturday, October 1

Effects of acne, home remedy, prevention, solutions and advices

Suffering from acne between 12 and 17 years, and whatever these pimples a little should be taken seriously and consult a dermatologist to save the skin from more effects, as the neglect of treatment can cause the appearance of scars on the face, causing pain, psychological effects and directly effect in social relations.

Natural tips and advices:

1- Wash your face twice a day with detergent and warm water to remove the dead skin cells, and stay away from hot water because it would strip the skin from the oils, which leads to produce more of these oils.

Dark skin patches, How to get rid of dark patches

The beginning to recognize the dark skin patches and is a darkening of varying degrees on skin and different areas like on face, back, knees and not over sun exposure and ultraviolet light because is not responsible for these dark patches and the most important reasons that lead to the appearance. 1- Fungal infection where the skin turns color after health recovery to the dark-brown with or without the roughness of the skin. 2- Frequent contact with moisture, sweating, and occurs with overweight ladies. 3- Unknown reasons, and usually comes after birth.

Health benefits of potatoes and nutrition

Potatoes have many benefits and useful for human health, they are able to absorb poisons in the body, as it protects against cancer because they contain nutrients essential for the body. The nutrition experts have proven that about the therapeutic benefits of potatoes. There are many natural recipes that you can  benefit from potatoes for skin health and effective in the treatment of the problem of  black halos by placing the chopped potatoe directly on the black halos. Also it is useful for oily skin  and for removing swelling places that appears under eyes. Potatoe is considered as a natural cleaner and moisturizer for women with sensitive skin. They have an impact in the treatment of allergic skin by cleaning the infected place by potato juice or use the same method for the treatment of sunburn and dark patches and the fruit boiled in water without additives and without salt, is the latest medical way for losing weight. The white potatoe is a rich source of minerals, which provide the body parts, high potassium, but some patients who are suffering from health problems in the kidney, are not allowed to eat food items rich in potassium, such as white potatoes, in order to maintain the stability of their health.