Friday, September 2

Dark patches treatment and causes for sun damaged skin

Diseases may cause brown or dark patches because of medications or natural effects such as obesity, diabetes and internal medicine. Dark patches on skin and face due to sun exposure or other reasons cause like this. It means increase in melanin which gives skin and the body the original color. Some reasons are inheritance this may be due to the proliferation of abnormal cells appearing on different parts of the body. Exposure to the sun which named sunburn for long time specially parts of the body exposed to the sun easily can reach it such as face, hands, neck and chest. also using some unsanitary perfumes could affect skin and cells. Let's show some examples
before starting treatment.

1- Dark patches due to skin diseases many aspects such as acne and dermatitis, often disappear or not
Due to bacteria. This type uasually caused by cosmetics for sensitive skin, makeup and deodorant.
2- Dark patches on the knees and elbows - natural cause treatment depends first on avoiding the main reasons to occur these dark patches by changing medications such as : Contraception pills , Cancer medication, Cortisone and other antibiotics.  if is it possible or treatment some of the diseases because almost all have side effect on some specific individuals. 3- Using lotion on these placments and peel off face mask such as glycolic Acid, salicylic acid and vitamin A. Using this ointment as a protector for removing parts of dead skin, they also give natural skin whitening. 4- Make sure you have skin whitening cream which contains hydroquinone compounds or vitamin C. 5- Don't forget to use special sunscreen products and creams because the use of these products is the most important to keep your skin shining and clean. You can use previous things all to get better results.
6-getting rid of dark patches by laser peel or chemical peel for some conditions such as freckles then will be improved by laser specially because I think it is more safe and easy.

resurfacing method is effective in treating blotchiness, it needs weekly appointments from 5 to 9 for some conditions except laser almost taks 3 times wthin 4 or 6 weeks.
We can not guarantee how longe does it take because that depends on the quality of the skin and genetic predisposition or susceptibility of the person.