Sunday, October 30

3 Ways to promote and improve heart health naturally

watching comedy movies, eating chocolate and riding a bicycle are recipes for the health of heart suggested by European Cardiologists to prevent heart diseases. About a decade a go researchers from the Faculty of Medicine in Baltimore in the United States proved that the people who suffer from heart disease are the least enjoyment mood in fun, so they decided to explore the possibility of the impact of laughter directly on the functions of arteries. Picking out volunteers to watch parts of a tragic movie or violent for example "Seveng Private Ryan", They noticed that this leads to narrow in the tissues of the arteries, and when they watch comic movies or comedy make them laugh and the doctors noticed that those tissues were expanded.

Riding a bicycle can help in prevention of the heart disease. Norbert Smestack from  Association of Cardiologists city of Munich, southern Germany said, a distance of 33 km that can be taken by the bicycle throughout the week is enough to reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease by the half And during these exercises trained several things, including the heart muscle, where the heart have to beat faster while a physical activity to provide oxygen to the body. And other benefits to the practice of cycling the heart, which is train them, to pump more blood inside the body. Burning about 300 calories during cycling, which works to facilitate weight loss;  because it is also a very serious factor causing heart disease, especially if accompanied by high blood pressure and high cholesterol in blood.

The researchers also found that healthy people did not get any benefits from chocolate to lower cholesterol, but the people who have risk factors for heart diseases such as diabetes experienced a decrease in low-density lipoprotein and total cholesterol by about 8 milligrams. Chocolate associated with reducing the rates of stroke and coronary heart disease, blood pressure and other conditions. But there was no results or a beneficial effect on the risk of heart failure or diabetes.

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