Wednesday, December 28

Photos of Gemma Arterton - Celebrity style

Gemma Arterton

Loop the for and Nested-for statements - An example code of Java to multiply numbers

The for and Nested-for statements can be gathered in multiply way, it is usually building the for statement into another for statement in the case of ( Nested-for statements ), but in Syntax for the for statement it is easier to use and initialize or add increment as follows. 

for( initialization; boolean expression; increment, decrement or update)
   Statement here .......

Sunday, December 25

Kylie Jenner images - An American model

Kylie Jenner

Julianna Margulies - Celebrity style

Julianna Margulies

Erica Durance - The most beautiful Canadian actress

Erica Durance

Pictures of Ryan Newman - Celebrity style

Ryan Newman

Pictures of Keira Knightley - A beautiful English actress

Keira Knightley

Friday, December 23

Emmanuelle Chriqui photos, Canadian actress style - beauty

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Pictures of Shenae Grimes - A Canadian actress - Celebrity style

This a beaitiful Canadian actress Shenae Grimes which has the ability to attract observers on TVs.Firstly This is on the side of beauty of soul, and secondly she can choose the right style and dresses that appropriate with her beauty. Shenae Grimes style and hairstyles are totally different, attractive and gives us a glimpse of the right style for women.

This pictures show our ideal actress hairstyles, dresses even smiles because they are part and parcel.

Scarlett Johansson‏ photos - Celebrity beauty and style

Scarlett Johansson‏

Thursday, December 22

Syntax " for " and " if " statements - Java tutorials with a simple program

Today we are going to discuss for statement in Java syntax. With our code we are going to write it asks the user to enter multiply values ( inputs ) as much as the user wants, then program compares among these values and shows bigger, smaller and numbers of numbers that which are bigger than number 50 " for instant". Note: Our program uses console  " Standard inputs and outputs".

Pictures of Isabel Lucas - An Australian actress style - Celebrity hairstyle

Isabel Lucas is a talented Australian actress. On the side of beauty Isabel Lucas is totally different to look at celebrities' style, fashion and so. Isabel Lucas dresses take us to the types of fashion designs, soft and no exaggeration. I assume that every woman who likes a soft style and medium hairstyle can love this a beautiful style. This a collection of our gorgeous actress on the side of hairstyles, blonde, brown hair.

Rose Byrne pictures - Sweetest Australian actress - Celebrity style

Rose Byrne

Wednesday, December 21

Tuesday, December 20

Pictures of Emily Blunt - An English actress - Celebrity style

Emily Blunt

Earrings designs for women, stud earrings, hoop earrings and more

 As the same with all complements, earrings give your style a beautiful look for parties, weddings or any occasions, that absolutely you have to pick out the right earrnings that suitable with your style, jewelries and more. It does not matter which types, fashion or designs of earrings could you choose such as hoop earrings that always soft and medium, stud earrings which give you a beautiful look in all condition and dangle earrings too with coordinated colors of the style. You make everything possible with your beauty of soul and prices are in a high priority if earrings gold, diamond, crystal, or even plastic earrings could give almost 20% of women's beauty and the other side depends on individual’s tastes.

Sunday, December 18

Pictures of Mélanie Laurent - A beautiful French actress

Mélanie Laurent

Long dresses for women - Pictures

Yang Mi ( 杨幂 ) - The sweetest Chinese Actress - Celebrity style

Yang Mi 杨幂

Amber Heard‏ pictures - Celebrity actress style and beauty

Amber Heard‏

Alyssa Milano pictures - Celebrity style and beauty

Alyssa Milano

Syntax for Nested-if statement and Implement repetition control by while statement

 Today we are going to use syntax for Nested-if statement in this case you can use it in any other way that allows you to write the main purpose of your program or portion of a program. If we want to use any other loop inside the code to control  its destiny, because it is important to determine and terminate loop repetition at specific time. First of all we look at a syntax of Nested-if statements as this example.

if ( grade >= 90 )
else if ( grade >= 80 )
else if ( grade >= 50 )

Easy and enjoyable! We used Standard outputs to show results by (System.out), Also there is another option by using GUI outputs or input, however. To make it clear let's write it as a completed code. The program asks the user to input grade and displays results in Standard input and output ( Standard input or output it also named Console ).

Saturday, December 17

Michelle Trachtenberg photos - Celebrity Beauty

Michelle Trachtenberg

Lindsay Lohan style pictures - Celebrity Moments

Lindsay Lohan

Pictures of Maggie Grace - Celebrities Style And Beauty

Maggie Grace

Nikki Reed pictures - Celebrity style and beauty

Nikki Reed

Wednesday, December 14

The most attractive actress - Lily Collins pictures - Celebrity Style

Lily Collins

Pictures of Megan Fox, An American model, actress - Celebrity Style

Megan Fox

Anna Paquin pictures - Celebrity trendy style

Anna Paquin

Pictures of María Valverde - Celebrity Spanish actress

María Valverde