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Central and local government

in many countries, government can be thought of as having a central component and a local  or regional component. In the UK central government is based in London, although some functions are developed to the Scottish Executive in Edinburgh. The national assembly for Wales in Cardiff and the Northern Ireland Assembly in Belfast. These developed assemblies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are nevertheless forms of central government. Central government is generally concerned with such thing as making laws, collecting national taxes (e.g. income tax, VAT), administering the armed services, national transport policy, determining policy on foreign relations, health, social security and so.

What VPN and private network are ? - Part of ICT system

To understand what a virtual private network is, let's first think of what we mean by a private network. Many large organizations are geographically widespread. Think for instance of large chains of shops supermarkets or banks. Very often each shop, supermarket or bank will have its own LAN. Typically a large organization needs to join up its LANs for data communications. If the only data that needed to be transmitted were emails, then using the internet might be a satisfactory way to do this, however, large organizations have more complex data requirements than that. They may have servers holding files that need to be accessed by people throughout the organization, but which need to be inaccessible to people outside  the organization. Ideally, then the organization would have a private network which is a data network for the exclusive use of the organization.

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ADSL & DSL technologies

Digital Subscriber Line is a technology that links all telephone wires connecting most homes to their local switching center. DSL  technologies achieve high data rates by reducing the effects of noise, used advanced error detection and correction, in addition to supplying broadband to the home. DSL technology may be a component of large institutional networks, such as NHS network.

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