Thursday, February 2

Central and local government

in many countries, government can be thought of as having a central component and a local  or regional component. In the UK central government is based in London, although some functions are developed to the Scottish Executive in Edinburgh. The national assembly for Wales in Cardiff and the Northern Ireland Assembly in Belfast. These developed assemblies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are nevertheless forms of central government. Central government is generally concerned with such thing as making laws, collecting national taxes (e.g. income tax, VAT), administering the armed services, national transport policy, determining policy on foreign relations, health, social security and so.

Local government is concerned with running local services, such as schools, health centers, public libraries etc. Funding for local services tends to come from a mixture of local taxes, for example the council tax in the UK, and central government money. According to one UK newspaper, 80 % of the public services that people are most concerned with are run by local government rather than central government in the UK, e-government is a matter for both central government and local government working collaboratively.