Sunday, August 21

What is the best job for women?

Do you think women have ability to manage any other job for living?. I'm not talking about work as a manager in company or secretary or even housekeeping because these are right jobs as many available aspects of life, but for example do you think they could work as a plumber in somewhere or woodcutter and sale the wood to eat by the money that she earned instead of prostitution?. Obscene acts are too much not only prostitution, but it is the easiest way for living by showing some parts of the body in addition to night clubs and so. Does that mean women should have a high job and comfortable in a nice place or it would be the big disaster to work in illegal fields. It is up to tendencies and appetite at the beginning then I could not reform all these invisible thoughts or tendencies of  women and let them take a better job, decent job as can I say it. All questions looking for answers why specified of women are looking for easier way although the suitable jobs are avaliable as I mentioned ,plumber ,woodcutter even sewage worker.