Saturday, September 24

Treatment and medications are not enough, (Thoughts Treatment)

According to your souls that I have mentioned ( beauty is not enough ) medications and any type of treatment are not enough to treat the illness from the root. Sometimes nothing kills patients and people in general like intimidation specially if they are always thinking about consequences and the dark future of their suffering from random thoughts make the life more difficult then it looks. It is easy to make any medication by technology or sophisticated equipments those all for parts of the body for damaged part, but it will not resolve scary thoughts, nightmares when you wake up and fears. Actually all these fears can make anything impossible to do even steps, talk and laugh because the are always come and bring more difficulties that take you away from focusing on the brighter side of life because that is the key to keep in touch with the other life aspects even if someone suffers from a chronic disease or some troubles, so that does not prevent the smile and living as a normal person. It is sharing cycle of life and feel it to become easy more than you had expected and less than those fears from something does not exist basically.