Sunday, September 25

Nail polish and nails care, nail growth

Do not use nail polish remover only once a week at least because that helps you to keep natural surface on nails. Iron deficiency in the blood can weaken the nails and makes them easy to break. Watch the level of iron in your blood if you feel something you should see a doctor, but first for preventing Iron deficiency you may know some of iron rich foods such as red meat,

lentils and spinach, in addition to the need for vitamin C which those foods contain because it helps the absorption of iron. Strengthen nails by biotin or vitamin B7 for in improving the broken nail, weak and nail growth. Doctors recommended eating foods which contain B7 such as Brewer's yeast and other natural sources. Remove nail polish without using Acetone to avoid dry nails. Nail file always helpful especially soft nail file rather than coarse which makes nails weak, easy to break. It is also after trying that many times could nails miss its natural gloss. Doctors recommend the use of gloves before you begin any work at home or in the garden, you need to choose gloves that with cotton lining to prevent moisture, which weakens the nails. Do not forget to use hand cream to moisturize the skin and there are many of recomended nails tools for care.