Tuesday, November 29

GUI Input and output with JOptionPane - Java Tutorial

Analogous to Standard input and output, This is another easy way to provide GUI input and output based on message dialog or ( prompt ) by using JOptionPane class as the same with the following example to show message dialog.

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Welcome to Java");

There are two arguments 1- JOptionPane.showMessageDialog for the class and 2- welcome to Java which appears in the dialog message, null means to put the message dialog in the center of the screen.

Standard Input , Output , Scanner class in Java to read strings

We use System.in to get input data from users to the program and it calls Standard input, as the same with this System.out which is Standard output to display or print information in console input. Scanner class from the package java.util allows us to achieve multiple input routines of string values only and the numerical values have the same but with a little difference we'll talk about it in other side.

This is an example for the standard input by using  a Scanner object. 

Tuesday, November 22

Emma Roberts photos, hairstyles, beauty, dress - celebrity style

On the side of American actresses, Emma Roberts is a perfect actress which has an amazing style, stunning and simple. She always looks attractive with dresses or hairstyles that suitable with her face, also the comfortable feeling about the whole style without exaggeration. 

About Emma Roberts: Emma Rose Roberts was born in February 10, 1991. Emma Robert is a daughter of  Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham. She performed many roles in the movies such as Wild Child with Aidan Quinn and her name was  Poppy Moore 2008, Hotel for Dogs 2009, Twelve 2010, Series of films Scream in 2011 and many other movies from the earlier acting career. 

Pictures of our ideal actress and women ( Emma Robert ) because looking to Emma style is like paradise and extraordinary beauty.

Dakota Fanning hairstyles pictures - celebrity style

Dakota Fanning

Leighton Meester hairstyles photos - celebrities style

Leighton Meester

Pictures of Monica Bellucci style - celebrity hairstyles

Monica Bellucci

Audrey Tautou hairstyles pictures - celebrity style

Audrey Tautou

Friday, November 18

Comments in java codes - Java programming language

Comments are considered as a part of the java program components which allow to the programmer to describe some information about the program. It comes at the top like this one /* This is one line of comments */ , another example

/** This is another example 
* with length as the programmer wants to describe
* or the name of the program
* Develop3.java
* Author: Developer Jo
* A first program of a developer to improve programming skills and so.
* The description may range from short to long and very detailed description.
* We can also call these comments at the beginning of methods like this example
* header comments.

Thursday, November 17

Thursday, November 10

酒井法子 ( Sakai Noriko ) pictures - Japanese singer, actress

酒井法子 Sakai Noriko

深田恭子 Kyoko Fukada photos - japanese actress, singer

深田恭子 Kyoko Fukada

Wednesday, November 2

Lydia Hearst pictures - style - all about hairstyle

Lydia Hearst

Cheryl Cole hairstyle pictures - celebrity style

 Cheryl Cole

Pixie Lott hairstyles pictures - celebrity style

  Pixie Lott

Tuesday, November 1

Carey Mulligan hairstyles pictures - celebrity beauty

Carey Mulligan

 Carey Mulligan 

Yvonne Strahovski hairstyles pictures - celebrity style

Yvonne Strahovski
 Yvonne Strahovski

Introduction to Machine Language - definition - binary numbers and bits

Machine language is the only way that the processor's family understand which consists of binary numbers called bits or digits, only 1s and 0s , so each signal of instruction is a long stream these numbers or bits (1-0). Machine language is considered as a low level language even though these simple numbers 1s and 0s to write and also without interpreter or translator to translate the numbers to machine language, but it considered slower language to write a program and more difficult because to do simple instruction may transfer data or content of specific location in the main memory into the CPU, we have to provide many instructions to carry out simple task.