Friday, December 9

Personal Area Network (PAN), AD hoc and Bluetooth in types of LAN networks

 PAN or Personal Area Network which is the smallest type of networks and can cover a small area. Bluetooth depends on this type that enables devices that connected to can form ad hoc ( Ad hoc is type of networks enables devices to communicate with each other without central control ) to establish the same network PAN ( sometimes called piconet ).

Each device has its own MAC address ( similar to that one the computer uses when connect to network (LAN) ). In PANs networks devices join in a group of 8 devices all them called slaves, and a master that controls commands and slaves respond to these command because that helps to organize data in the order to avoid sending data from each devices in the same time.

You want to know other devices contact with other by using Bluetooth such as mouse, also by using infrared technology,  the need of line of sight linking devices communication interfaces can be done in some cases with infrared technology.