Wednesday, September 28

Benefits of grapes juice to improve heart function and health

Results of the studies have proven that the grape is useful in improving cardiac function, and grape juice has the highest effectiveness in resisting the hardening of the arteries because it contains extensive amounts of antioxidants as the same with strawberries and tomatoes. Studies have also proven that eating grapes or drinking grape juice reduces cholesterol level in the blood and accumulation of fats in the Aorta artery and thus protects you against heart diseases. It also contributes to the treatment of osteoporosis and helpful for expectorant or acute cough which caused usually by common cold. It is known that the red wine is useful more than green wine or green grapes because of antioxidants that found in red grape peel and juice. Generally grapes benefits are rich in many sources of nutrition   and contain the highest amount of metal elements such as potassium, calcium, sodium in addition to glucose and other vitamins.