Friday, September 30

Proteins, Calcium and Cholesterol, Organic compounds

Proteins:They are molecules composed of a group of amino acids that the body absorb it to rebuild and repair tissues such as muscle, hormones, digestive enzymes and they are essential for growth and health. Humans need almost twenty amino acid in order to live, so our bodies can make most of them and there are only eight amino acids the body can not manufacture and therefore must be taken through food (essential amino acids). Take it into consideration that the daily meals better to contain about 10 -20% of the proteins.

Calcium:  is essential in the composition of bones and teeth, in addition to the absence of calcium in the body that could cause  bones diseases or teeth. Calcium benefits in the body divided into many benefits for example, makes teeth healthy and bones strong, protects against muscle spasm and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
Mineral salts:The human body is made of different elements of metal, so it needs those elements through foods, water and air.

Cholesterol: Essential fatty substance found in foods such as animal fats, hydrogenated oils, egg yolks and the human body, It also manufactured in many tissues of the body such as the liver. If the percentage of cholesterol in the blood is higher than normal level, there is the possibility and risk of heart attack. The quantity of food for normal person should not be more than 300 mg a day.