Friday, September 30

Health benefits of eggs for nutrition and health

Eggs is one of the most important food because it contain protein, fat, vitamins, hormones, mineral salts and hydrates of carbon, so eating two eggs in the morning, enough to give the body what it needs protein and vitamins, this is equivalent to 350 grams of milk or 50 grams of meat. Eggs are not contain carbohydrates, so that must be taken with bread or grilled food such as potatoes or rice and a glass of orange juice to ensure the body's need of vitamin (c). Eggs the best food, fast digestion, if raw or roasted slightly, and given to people with natural health especially children and give them immunity against rickets, anemia, and can be given to the young ages, adults specifically those with anemia, pregnant women and memory impaired. Eggs feed the body from the inside, as the same from the outside, and as it is known for making a mask beauty and skin rejuvenation.