Friday, September 30

Health benefits of cherries, types of cherries and information

Cherries contain vitamins A. C and some minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and sulfur. So rich with minerals, Cherries keep the energy and activity of the body after stress. It also plays an important role in protection of the skin because it contains vitamin A which the skin and the whole body need.When stress and fatigue, eating cherries or drinking cherry juice to restore the energy and  helps to calm the nervous system. It is also important for the circulatory system because it cleans the blood of toxins,  Cherry is rich in minerals which help the body to get rid of the harmful sodium salts  for sclerotic veins. Each one of cherries contains four calories and there are two types of cherry 1- sour cherry which grows in a higher temperature more than the other type and the 2- sweet cherry in late May and continues until early August and its season for harvesting is longer than sweet cherry. According to the knowledge about cherry. This fruit as it shape inclined to the shiny black, it more sweetness, but that hard one with a light color comes acid taste. There are hundreds of types of the sweet cherry and the most famous in North America, and comes a large heart-shaped and dark red in color.