Saturday, October 1

Health benefits of potatoes and nutrition

Potatoes have many benefits and useful for human health, they are able to absorb poisons in the body, as it protects against cancer because they contain nutrients essential for the body. The nutrition experts have proven that about the therapeutic benefits of potatoes. There are many natural recipes that you can  benefit from potatoes for skin health and effective in the treatment of the problem of  black halos by placing the chopped potatoe directly on the black halos. Also it is useful for oily skin  and for removing swelling places that appears under eyes. Potatoe is considered as a natural cleaner and moisturizer for women with sensitive skin. They have an impact in the treatment of allergic skin by cleaning the infected place by potato juice or use the same method for the treatment of sunburn and dark patches and the fruit boiled in water without additives and without salt, is the latest medical way for losing weight. The white potatoe is a rich source of minerals, which provide the body parts, high potassium, but some patients who are suffering from health problems in the kidney, are not allowed to eat food items rich in potassium, such as white potatoes, in order to maintain the stability of their health.


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