Wednesday, September 7

Oily skin care, Natural mask recipe for face, care tips

oily skin is our target today after we finished talking about sensitive skin and normal skin. Oily skin is a common type which needs special care to keep it shining, clean of dark patches, white patches and acne. There are many people want to get rid of oily skin, but this is unhealthy or impossible, by the way it is easy to avoid the problems of the oily skin.

Cleaning permanently because viscosity of the skin could be a place for many of the germs and bacteria. It is to keep your skin healthy all the time, so you should be careful for these steps.

There are many types of skin cleaners. Prefer to use that do not contain chemicals and replaced by natural materials. Avoid using regular soap and try medical products, alkaline free soap to prevent fats. Watch your diet by avoiding eating fat food, chocolates, hamburgers and reduce iodine that contribute to increase fats in the body. Removing make-up before sleep and make sure you got oil free moisturizer. It is the same with sunscreen products, The best for oily skin is oil free sunscreen. Make-up, which does not cause increases of fats on face and dark patches ( non – comodgenic ). Make weekly mask for your face for vitality and activity with using scrub to remove the dead cells always twice a week. To remove blackheads or spots that appear on oily skin due to the natural,  factors by doing daily face massage with using suitable cream on the placements, try this step then wash your face with lukewarm water after a while, that would be very useful.

Homemade mask recipe:
½ Cup of oatmeal powder.
½ Cup yogurt.
A teaspoon of lemon juice. Combine the ingredients to get liquid form, take that mixture to put it on your face and neck. leave it for 25 minutes
then wash your face with lukewarm water.