Sunday, September 4

Sensitive skin care, causes and treatment

We always talk about oily skin, normal skin and forget the rest of the skin types such as sensitive skin. Everything related to skin care products that can cause skin irritation and allergic skin diseases because many skin care products contain parabens, sulfates and mineral oil then sensitive skin can not afford anything of skin whitening creams or cosmetics. Sensitive skin problems occur as a result of exposure to the sun or using cosmetics, so for shining skin it is easy to follow some tips as daily routine then you will contribute to improve your skin health.

Do not wash your face constantly specially when you use a soap because it might hurts skin or you can try any other natural light cleaner. You know that the water is the main factor which makes skin drought and creams are requested for example. Babassu it is smoother and skin can absorb it easily, Allantoin and Phytessence Wakame. Before you use a new product make sure it is suitable for your skin by trying to put a small amount of this product on your skin to test it. Reduce the rate of using cosmetics to avoid redness of skin. Avoid cleaning your face excessively, two times a day would be enough. Quality of Skin peelers sometimes could effect your sensitive skin, so be careful to read the ingredients if you want to buy one or ask someone who bought it. Make-up water is the best solution for sensitive skin because it does not cause clogging pores. Beware of sun exposure permanently and use sunscreen products to avoid allergy. Making natural mask of yogurt and cucumber it is easy and really helpful for sensitive skin specifically. Do not use cosmetics which contain preservatives or Formaldehyde and the best way to avoid these problems is reading the instructions then at the end and first all results be sure the natural solutions can be found in natural masks by following the right tips for your skin. All components that make the skin comfortable are exist in Chamomile, sunflowers, milk and Licorice.

1- chamomile mask for face: Soak two tablespoons of chamomile in a large bowl contains warm water. Leave it several minutes then slowly wash your face, try this step from 15 to 25 times. Using face mask water and make sure you read does not cause allergies or try this natural mask by easy tips. 2- ingredients: milk and oatmeal flour. Combine the ingredients and leave it several minutes then put it on your face and neck (  Ues a towel to wipe the areas around your eyes and neck ) relax to let the mask reacts with your skin for 15 minutes, after that wash your skin with warm water. Do not forget to use a cream it is better to put it in the refrigerator before using. finally natural factors affecting skin health if you live in sunny area or windy you should wear suitable clothing for that climate because in windy day the bacteria could attack the skin without prior notice.