Friday, September 2

Normal skin care, natural mask recipes for beautiful skin

Normal skin, although it is not common type,but it is proper for secreting of fat, It is soft, no pimples, points noir and dark patches. Normal skin rarely exposed to drought and Acne, so we should take care of our normal skin because it tends to drought when getting older and due to negligence may appear early wrinkles on skin specially on face.

Tips for normal skin care: Do not use soap frequently because it may cause drought. It can be cleaned by water and soap that contains Almond oil. Carefully use cosmetics in addition to other cleansing lotion to get wet moisturized. Clean you skin twice a week because that plays an important role control the appearance of wrinkles. Preferably using massage on skin to activate cells in the skin .

Natural masks for normal skin care: In the morning , the mask consists of a liter of water, rose water and natural roses. Put the roses into the water for 24 hours and after that add a cup of rose water with three drops of almond oil. Then filtering the mixture to use it. In the evening , Bran and water simple ways to keep your skin perfect and clean by placing bran into the water for 24 hours after that
you should boil the mixture before using. For normal skin, Honey lotion recipe: Milk and honey lotion is natural mask for moisturizing lotions. ingredients: a spoon of honey and two of milk. By using a piece cotton to clean your face, neck and the other areas.

Avocado and tomatoes: This mask contains a half of avocado fruit, a tablespoon of fresh tomato juice and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Combine the ingredients until you get the liquid form and pour it slowly on your face or on the body parts.

Natural tips for whitening skin and peeling, ingredients: Orange peel , a cup of rose water, a cup of
olive oil or almond oil, Lemon juice in addition to peel. Put all the ingredients in the mixer an after finishing that to have a liquid form, use it for washing your body. Try these steps twice a week