Friday, September 9

Lipstick advices, Lip liner and Lip glitter tips for Lips care

Secrets of lipstick use and advices for your lips: 1- First of all do not try to test lipstick products or brands when you shop because that may cause allergies, so try lipstick products on your fingers it is the closest area to the lips.

2- The best way to keep lipstick as long as possible beautiful by using suitable lip liner with the same color or close then after that put lipstick on your lips.
3- If you have wrinkles around your lips you should use lip gloss, light instead of the dark ( You can put on your lips a little of glitter ).
4- Oily skin usually suffers instability of the color because of fats and to avoid this problem you should put on your lips foundation cream, make sure you paint the borders carefully before lipstick and finally use loose powder. It is better to help oily skin keeps its beautiful lips.
5- I f your skin is dark the best color for dark skin is red, brown, orange and blue all suitable for your dark skin specially if your hair is black, but for blond hair and white skin the best color of lipstick is light color for example pink and orange. There are other skin type proper with the previous colors such as pale skin.
6- Do not forget to moisturize your lips before each use by using vaseline for 5 minutes then wipe it with tissues to remove the dead cells.
7- To maintain lipstick as long as possible by keeping lipstick in the refrigerator because this is useful to keep the best brands even if it end you can extract the rest in a dish with using a brush to put small amoun of lipstick on your lips, that will give a beautiful look.
8- Removing lipstick when you clean your face to prevent scaling of lips, cracking and lips can renewal cells to recover refreshment.
9- Make sure that the darker color of lipstick may not show your teeth pretty enough if there is yellowing teeth could  be shown obviously because of the reflection of darker color, so pick out a little dark lipstick with any suitable color for your skin.