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Foundation Creams, Concealer for black halos, redness and acne

make-up foundations and concealer which helps you to hide skin blemishes, black halos around eyes and dark patches. It also helps to balance among the layers of skin. To keep concealer on your face and does not disappear quickly must take into consideration that keep concealer as much as you can is depending on cleaning your face firstly with face lotion and if you have pore cleaner complete to clean pore of bacteria. Use moisturizer for the skin free of oils, you can also after the previous step put sunscreen products before concealer because moisturizing is important to keep concealer as long as possible.

Use concealer directly on the pimples or the area you want to hide ( By a piece of cotton or your fingers ). Leave it 5 or 10 minutes to let the skin absorb it to make sure that it won't be disappeared. With loose powder concealer and maintenance of skin colore, concealer sometimes has its powder , so it is the same if you prefer this or that . Concealer usually is thicker then foundation and to more details you must have the concealer to a lesser extent than the other ( foundation cream ). If your skin is dry prefer to get a liquid concealer, foundation cream is which looks like powder useful for these conditions. Pick out the right quality of concealer because that depends on which are that you want to hide, so if you got big areas the best concealer for them is a dry concealer, but black halo around eyes needs a liquid concealer. White concealer, green and pink are not fit dark skin then you have to ask an expert about its uses. To successful plans of concealer uses make sure you got one which is suitable for your skin color including foundation creams. Do not use concealer exaggeratedly and try to use a small amount it will have a good effect on skin. Quality of the foundation creams is different and there are differences among their uses to hide face blemishes.

The previous tips are suitable for all ages, but when you deal with products you should be careful to
choose which one is suitable for you.

there are a collection of foundation creams.


DiorSkin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer

laura mercier

Foundation Creams

DiorSkin Christian Dior, dior airflash spray foundation. Suitable for normal skin.

Chanel Vitalimiere Stain Smoothing-Creme MAkeup. Moisturizes dry skin and provides protection.

Givenchy Skin Tonic Stretch-Creme Foundation Instant Rejuvenating and lift effects SPF 25.
Usually contains vitamins to feed the skin

Clinique Skin Smoother Pore Minimizing Makeup.