Friday, September 9

Hair strengthening tips and preventing hair loss, Indian hair care

Indian tips to prevent hair problems for smooth, strong, shining and long hair. There are secrets in the use of coconut oil or mix it with other natural elements. These are Indian hair care tips for your beautiful hair.
1- Coconut oil bath: Heating Coconut oil a little then put it on your hair for an hour with covering hair by a hot towel. After that wash your hair ( Try this step once a week for a month to get great results ).

2- For long and thick hair: Watercress Juice, Olive oil then add half a liter of water. Put this mixture on your hair until the scalp absorb it for 20 minutes at least and wash it by shampoo. You can try this step twice for 5 months because it will help hair grows and it gives you strong hair. It is a common tip in India for hair care. Egg whites with two teaspoons of Castor oil and a teaspoon of Glycerin. Combine the ingredients to use that mixture to massage scalp, After 10 minutes wash your hair. That gives hair roots more feed and thickness. There are also natural recipe to strengthen your hair for example Vinegar tip. It is simple tip con consists of a little of vinegar and lukewarm water or instead of the regular vinegar add two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar and put on your hair when it is wet.
 These tips to keep your hair strong, more natural and help to strengthen your hair. Follow these tips to feel the defference of your hair health.

3- For the treatment of hair loss : scalp massage by using coconut oil or Aloe Vera Gel then leave it for 45 minutes. Wash your hair with lukewarm water. Try this tip three times per week. By using almond oil to massage your scalp three times per week helps you to get a great results in less days. You can combine yolk and honey to massage scalp by this mixture for 20 minutes before bath. Hot olive oil with a teaspoon of ground Cinnamon and white honey, this mixture is used to massage the scalp for 20 minutes before bath. It helps to strengthen and prevents hair loss .This tip consists of coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil plant and another popular Indian oil named ( Anoop ) combine all the ingredients to get that mixture and use a piece of cotton to massage scalp slowly. After you finish the previous step cover your hair with a towel. It gives hair refreshment and shining.