Sunday, September 11

Laser treatment for skin, acne, stretch marks, hair removal

Laser as we can call it miracle cure for the treatment of the skin darkness, hair removal, acne, scars and blemishes. Many questions about side effects that may cause skin problems by using laser treatment for some cases and specific individuals. For more information about temporary side effects click Here. laser technology to treat skin problems for example acne is the same method used to treat wrinkles under eyes and stretch marks due to pregnancy, fatness.. etc. The idea is Collagen production in skin by laser technology, so laser is increasingly popular and safer for the treatment.

1- For removing wrinkles: Laser removes wrinkles incredibly to give you a beautiful look but, it takes four or three times and during those appointments you will get better results by cleaning facial to prepare face for removing wrinkles. 2- For the treatment of acne: Lesar treatment for acne consists of two stages , First stage by getting rid of fibers in skin and the second stage is by producing Collagen to grow instead of it. There are three types of acne scars can be treated by laser.

- Pox Scar: It is like Chickenpox and deep pustules.They hard to remove and some times must be done in a simple surgical method.
-  Rolling Scars: Which appear usually superficial pimples on skin and this procedure can be done by local anesthesia.
- Ice-pick: Pustules or scars deep and narrow scars. These types can be treated by local anesthesia to eradicate the scar

Ablative laser resurfacing to remove the skin layer and after that re-treatment of skin of remnants scars. This type for the treatment is common and it takes from two to three weeks, but do not worry about redness on your skin after the operation because it is temporary effect.

3- laser technology for hair removal: You can remove hair permanently and it won't grow faster after sessions of treatment. Make sure you have conducted examinations by hormonal tests. Laser hair removal sessions depending on the placements of the blemishes on face and sensitive areas.The same side effects of all laser treatments are usually temporary redness on skin due to temperature of the laser light to reach the pigment cells and absorb it. Laser light can not reach deeper to affect cells and transform them to cancer cells, moreover doctor can control dynamic cooling connected with a computer to monitor cells cooling.