Saturday, October 1

Dark skin patches, How to get rid of dark patches

The beginning to recognize the dark skin patches and is a darkening of varying degrees on skin and different areas like on face, back, knees and not over sun exposure and ultraviolet light because is not responsible for these dark patches and the most important reasons that lead to the appearance. 1- Fungal infection where the skin turns color after health recovery to the dark-brown with or without the roughness of the skin. 2- Frequent contact with moisture, sweating, and occurs with overweight ladies. 3- Unknown reasons, and usually comes after birth.

Methods of prevention:

It is always better than cure and we must take care of personal cleanness and wash areas of these spots at least twice with drying them properly. You  should wear cotton clothes home from the good type and the wide selection of them.

Herbal remedies of alternative medicine.

- internal and taken by mouth, which aims to increase the body's immunity and unify the color of the skin from the inside and can be added to them the materials of lose weight.

- external (Cream) (ointment) The two types: First peel the skin and remove dead surface cells and consists of juices of such as pineapple, berries, cucumbers, almonds, lemon and add to it a strong antioxidant if there was roughness on the skin. Second, to lighten the skin, the ingredients are orange juice, walnut peel and cactus then add the tomato extract or juice if the color of the skin more darker.