Thursday, September 15

Natural deodorants, Stop sweating

Deodorant product is important specially in summer whether natural or industrial. There is also seodorant spray to get rid of bacteria that cause a foul smell due to sweat without any side effects on skin. Ragular deodorants are not prevent the bad smell because some of them contain only useless natural components wihch can not face bacteria itself, so mixture deodorant among natural and industrial components can give you more protection against bad smell. Natural deodorants such as aromatic oils, homemade recipes ( To make natural deodorants ) usfual usually if you have the ingredients for example musk, it is aromatic substance which can give the body a beautiful smell, You can mix it with body powder to get natural deodorant.

Using antiperspirant which reduce sweating can be very dangerous because it is not healthy and can lead to inflammation of sweat glands and other problems. You do not even need these products, so I suggest some regular deodorant produce which appropriate for your skin to avoid allergy, and on the other side as I mentioned about natural deodorants. There are many sources of natural deodorants as well as other reasons to prevent sweating like wearing suitable clothing for the summer to allow air to enter to the body.