Friday, September 16

Ways to increase blog traffic, Submit blog to search engines

Many other ways to increase search engines traffic to your blog or by using social networking sites such as twitter and so. That will give you enough traffic if you write something simple about your simple hops!. Search engines automatically add your blog to appear in their search results by determining the content as the same as with blogger and google. Blogger will send test link from your blog to Bing search engine. Yahoo and Bing have the same relationship and search results, It's all about marketing However, I don't want to go too far. That will give you considerable traffic as I mentioned ( Simple things about your simple hops ) or don't put yourself into troubles that you don't even need. Sometimes for certain projects and problems with blog if it does not work properly to get more traffic for your project as many tendencies.

1- Targeting readers
As you know if your target is the readers to provide useful services. Targeting readers gives you more audience because readers have found your blog's content meaningful and they may come back if your blog appeared in search results list Write posts titles clear contain the purposes of the topic. Unfortunately many bloggers do not know the importance of the three or two first lines of the posts for Targeting readers in search engines. you catch two birds in a hand!. Those firs two or three lines they are the only part of your posts which appear in search results and allow you targeting more readers and keywords. Search engines automatically identify keywords even if you didn't use labels or tags in this post. To get more benefits by customization your Blogger template for SEO
( search engines optimization ) Read more details here.

2- Submit blog to search engines
Submit your submit blog url to google here. It only submitting your blog and after a while google will include some of the posts to search list. To manage more features such as how many indexing pages in google or crawl and site diagnostics you can use Google Webmaster. Search in Google about how to submit sitemape if you do not know.

Submit blog url to yahoo here. Will require to authenticate your site ownership by two options.Use the second option ( By adding a meta tag to my home page ) You will see that a piece of HTML code, copy that code and  put it below this character    . Make sure that you have saved your template before you make any adjustments.

It is the same with Bing Webmaster Tool. Sign in if you have MSN account, submit blog url and it will give you another piece of HTML, copy that code and place it below the previous code that you got from yahoo.
Inter to this site sitemapwriter to add your blog sitemap. Simply your blog sitemap is like this

Submit url to Ask search engine: You have only to change the following url with your blog in your internet browser then hit Enter: Only change the red color.
3- Improve your blog PageRank:
One of the most excellent ways and essential factor to evaluate the importance of your blog by determining external links to the other sites related to the content and the quality of these websites. It is all about the content and writing meaningful post rich in keywords then you can link them with other details. Internal links which take readers to other posts in your blog can improve the other posts and PageRank to be related to the content and all your network as can I say it.
4- Social Media Network
You can use many websites to increase traffic such as StumbleUpon, Digg and many social media networks give you inbound links. Visit Social poster and write the simple details about your blog then click generate. If you want to share by any of those websites click Post. Register if you don't have membership. This make it easier and better to discover a new website.
5- Backlinks
Backlinks and comments which allow tracking your blog. It is automatically included in blogger hidden instead of comments. Let's say the more users comments who leave links of their own blogs. It is depending on sharing the content  from other bloggers.