Saturday, September 17

Contact lenses types, Soft lenses, Hard

Contact lenses play a medical role because it has spread use of colored contact lenses that give the face a new look and beautiful eyes. Many types of contact lenses and they also have advantages and disadvantages that we should avoid.

Semi-flexible lenses or hard lenses:
And usually they made of silicon with additional material to the permeable oxygen through them, but to prevent small objects from the crossing because they contain less water, so they do not dry.

Change lenses: which replaced after a period of time is characterized by flexibility and change as the prevent the permanent accumulation of any objects within the eye or on the lens and keep them save.

Soft lenses: It is convenient when you use them, because they contain water, but lead to eye irritation and inflammation because they allow foreign objects to accumulate inside the eye and thus stick on the surface of the lens.


Your hands should be washed and dried well before each time you intend to deal with the lens. Do not touch the lens only by the index finger and thumb fingers. Put the lens on the white part (not on the cornea) and then move the eye towards it. Use the thumb and index finger to remove it softly. Advised that the take off the lens every day. Tears contain the protein materials on the lens and should be removed after every use.

Look for colors that look more natural. Lens frame gives the best results on light eyes.
Always Look on the base color and then for the appropriate class.

Skin and hair color is the primary determinant for .
Color of clothing can affect positively or negatively.


Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook said...

It amazes me how far they've come with contacts. I remember when my brother first got a pair, over 35 years ago, hard lenses were his only choice.