Saturday, October 1

Effects of acne, home remedy, prevention, solutions and advices

Suffering from acne between 12 and 17 years, and whatever these pimples a little should be taken seriously and consult a dermatologist to save the skin from more effects, as the neglect of treatment can cause the appearance of scars on the face, causing pain, psychological effects and directly effect in social relations.

Natural tips and advices:

1- Wash your face twice a day with detergent and warm water to remove the dead skin cells, and stay away from hot water because it would strip the skin from the oils, which leads to produce more of these oils.

2 - Avoid rubbing the skin hard, One of the causes of acne is the accumulation of fat and not dirt.
3 - Do not lay your hands on your face during the study period, so as not to convey germs and bacteria that you got in your hands during study through books, pen ....

4 - There is something important both sexes  have to pay attention to it is cleaning the phone, because the dirt and bacteria that build up can cause damage to the skin.
5 - you must use the alcohol-free toner to purify the skin when you wash your face.
6 - wash your hair by shampoo regularly, and avoid oily types of shampoo, conditioner and hair gel.
7 - Pay attention to moisturize the skin, even if your skin is oily, you need the moistening, because your skin may be rich in fat, but still dry. So you must search for a light water-based moisturizer to balance the moistening in the skin.
8 - Avoid products and preparations that contain perfumes, they increase the sensitivity of the skin.