Sunday, October 2

Health benefits of Chamomile Tea for hair, weight loss and skin

Chamomile you can buy it from markets and it is always stored in bags such as tea bags, The flower or chamomile natural herbs of the most commonly used in modern cosmetic products and it is a mixture of aesthetic and health benefits. Chamomile is used to lighten hair, especially blond hair which gives hair luster distinctive and brightness by boiling chamomile in a liter of water for 30 minutes and keep it for a while to be cool, After washing your hair by shampoo rinse it with chamomile. The smell of hair may not be preferred, but disappears as soon as dry hair, the tea also used in the same way for black hair to maintain its beautiful color and keep it healthy. Chamomile is used for weight loss and treatment of skin, However, over-drink more than 3 cups a day may cause dizziness, insomnia and vomiting.