Sunday, August 14

Osteoporosis treatment and causes in women

One of the problems senior women face is how to prevent osteoporosis.
 As our bones age, they tend to become less dense which causes their structure
 to become weakened. These weakened bones gradually begin to get tiny fractures.
 Because they are tiny, one of these fractures isn’t really a problem. But when the
osteoporosis stage is reached, that means a large number of these tiny fractures exists. Collectively, these fractures can cause major problems.

The important thing to know about osteoporosis is that most cases are preventable.
 By implementing a few simple lifestyle changes, you can keep your bones strong,
 dense, and healthy for a long time.

Get Plenty Of Calcium.

Calcium is the building block of bones. If we’re short on calcium, then we can’t
 make our bones as dense and strong. Some good sources of calcium are milk
 and yogurt, green leafy vegetables and various soy products. If need be,
 you can also take a calcium supplement.

Get Other Essential Nutrients.

Calcium actually does no good without Vitamin D, which allows the body
 to absorb the calcium. During the summer, the best source of Vitamin D
 is the sun. During the winter you can try tanning beds, fortified products
like Vitamin D milk and certain breakfast cereals. Other nutrients that are
 essential to keep your bones strong are Vitamin K, phosphorous, Vitamin C,
 magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, iron, boron, and , protein. Unless you eat
 an extremely healthy diet, it’s best to start taking a daily multivitamin.

Perform Weight Bearing Exercise.

You don’t need to start a weight training regimen at the gym. In fact, most women
 can get the appropriate amount of exercise simply by walking (you’re "bearing"
 your body weight). Getting up and moving for a few minutes every day is
 important for keeping bones strong. If you can exercise more, you should do so.
 Exercise is important for maintaining a healthy weight, which is also important
 in preventing osteoporosis. But please remember, losing too much weight
 can result in loss of bone mass as well.

Get Rid Of Bad Habits.

While having the occasional drink has actually been shown to improve the
condition of your bones, you start to cause damage if you drink alcohol
 excessively. Smoking can also cause an increased fracture risk.

Start Early.

Most women wait until the first signs of menopause to start thinking
about osteoporosis prevention. While menopause is when bones start
 to deteriorate faster, waiting until then to start preventive measures
may not do much good if the bones are already weakened. You should
 take the steps above as early as possible.