Tuesday, October 4

Eye care, exercises for eye health and tips

Tips for eye care of preservation by doing massage around them to activate the thin skin around eyes. this skin is the most affected by aging factors that show a clear impact upon with retraction and wrinkles. Light massage of the thin skin it helps to activate blood circulation, give it vitality and makes it more resistant to aging factors, but this massage you can not do it randomly, so by simple ways and light movement to avoid impact on thin skin. this daily massage to resist the appearance of wrinkles in this area, especially after the interruption of blood circulation and absence of estrogen hormone.

Exercises to activate the functions of eyes and give them activity:By holding at a distance of 25 cm from the eyes and vision "pen" focuse on it for two minutes and then look beyond the level of vision for example looking at the ceiling or the end of the room and then look at the pen again. Try this exercise ten times. Closing your eyes from time to time has an effective effect for the eyes and helps to distribute tears that moisturize eyes and be washed naturally. It is advisable to close the eyes and opening them up several times to resist the fatigue.

 See in the dark:
This exercise of the most eye exercises. Close eyes and place the bottom of the palms on the eyes with light pressure on the eyes, Then open the them and seen the darkness of the hands. Try the exercise to feel comfortable several times.

Move the eyes up and down:
Eyes lifted up towards the sky and stay in this position for 30 seconds, then take the opposite situation, which is looking at the feet on the ground. Try the exercise 15 times and take into account the position of the head while moving the eyes, should be balanced.


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