Tuesday, October 4

Health benefits of mushrooms and nutrition

The results of a recent study that eating foods rich in the element of copper such as mushrooms help to restore normal functioning of the heart in cases of goiter heart. The same study indicated that the copper supplementation plays this role through increasing production of blood vessels to the heart, because eating copper helps to improve the performance of the elements that affect the growth of blood vessels. according to the researchers confirmed the participants experiences.

In similar study has shown that the preliminary results of a recent American study that for increasing of low-energy foods like mushrooms to prevent obesity. mushrooms contain nutrients and proteins, so it is called " plant meat ", and since the mushrooms tonic for the body, is described in cases of anemia, fatigue and lack of minerals in the body, it is beneficial also for obesity and diabetics, It should be noted that the mushroom is one of the sources for obtaining penicillin "an antibiotic known as antimicrobial. Through the study, researchers have found that changing a meal of grilled hamburger of 4 ounces with mushrooms meal similar throughout the year enable the provision of more than 18 thousand calories and nearly 3 thousand grams of fat.