Monday, October 3

Malnutrition causes and diseases

The relationship between malnutrition and many diseases because humans exposure to these germs and microbes as a result of contamination of food with they have eaten "infectious diseases". Humans exposure to the disease due to contamination of food with chemicals such as pesticides, fungi of the plants, animal drugs, as well as contamination of the industry or chemical pollution and radiation, it is called (food and contamination of the environment) that may affect body functions without warning and the easest way to prevent many diseases by washing foods properly if it is from a reliable source.
Some malnutrition diseases such as anemia is a result of iron deficiency or vitamin B 12 and its symptoms clear for example, pallor of the skin, general weakness, exhaustion and loss of appetite. Protein deficiency disease in children: Occurs "from 6 to 12 months" so as to not give the child some foods to complement breast milk, like egg yolks, yogurt, meat, chicken and fish.
Symptoms:  changing in hair color, inflammation of the skin and enlarged liver.
Pellagra: occurs due to lack of components of the vitamin B, this disease has recently spread in the Egyptian countryside and that caused by depending on corn flour in the daily meals, and it has reduced disease greatly in recent years, in order to change the food system and habits.