Sunday, October 23

Health benefits of pomegranate - pomegranate juice

The scientists have found that the pomegranate is rich in essential elements of food and vitamins. Pomegranate has properties of both preventive and therapeutic because it is a great pain reliever which can reduce the temperature resulting from common cold. Pomegranate is useful in cases of extreme thirst during the hot weather, cases of diarrhea, anti-bleeding, especially caused by hemorrhoids and mucous membranes. They say that the pomegranate juice makes bad cholesterol less sensitive to oxidation, and this effect, in addition to its role in the reduction of systolic blood pressure and that may explain the positive improvements in the amount of arterial sclerosis. The pomegranate is a sacred fruit when many of people of the world and religions pomegranate means a symbol of life, procreation, and marriage in Greek mythology.

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