Sunday, October 23

Health benefits of spices - red pepper for heart function - losing weight

Spices, especially red pepper increases the rate of metabolism by 50% over the three hours after eating a meal rich in spicy, which sometimes has normal symptoms after eating these spices such as, increase in heart rate and a rise in body temperature. Some people afraid of eating red pepper because they believe that it is harmful to the stomach and body, but recent studies of the "Food and Drug Administration," revealed a number of benefits to this plant for health in general.

Treatment of depression and insomnia:

Eating hot peppers to increase the hormone stimulates the functions in the body, as it is a natural anti-pain and their effectiveness in improving mood and increasing the feeling of happiness, so it is recommended for individuals who suffer from depression and stress the need to include their diet with chilli to contain a good proportion of "magnesium" which helps to calm the brain and clear mind.

Improve heart function:

 Chili has a major role in improving heart function and blood circulation. It plays a protective role, helps to lower blood sugar and relieve pain caused by various skin diseases. They also found that chili peppers can dissolve the fat inside the body effectively and push your metabolism and it is useful for losing weight, this is good news for women.

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I like spices, so much because they can give amazing taste, also the benefits as yoou have mentioned in your post. Thank you a lot