Monday, October 10

Dark circles under eyes treatment and ways

Dark circles or black under eyes due to several reasons such as lack of sleep, fatigue, anemia, and visual impairment, and whatever the causes are the dark circles are what make the women appear older than her real age. The problem of dark circles are often not a medical problem, so responding almost all conditions for treatment through simple ways as following tips:

1- cold: The cold tea compresses and compresses cucumber are the best ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, because this compresses works to reduce the aneurysm and color in the area under the eye.

2- Lifting the head up during sleeping:
Try put more pillows under your head during sleeping to prevent the appearance of swelling formed by the accumulation of fluid in the lower eyelid of the eye.

3- Sleep enough: Make your body gets the needs of sleep and rest day, because lack of sleep makes the skin more like pale and eyes seem sunken, leading to the appearance of dark circles more obvious than in the truth.

4- Protection from sun: Make sure to protect the face and skin from exposure to sunlight, so by wearing sunglasses and using sunscreen products before you go out in the morning, because the sun is working to give the skin a darker color increases the visibility of dark circles. There are many types of skin creams or concealer that work to treat dark circles and hide them by using concealer , but avoid the use white concealer or gray if the color under eyes like blue more than black, also avoid using concealer products that contain acid because they cause inflammation and redness.