Wednesday, August 24

For your breast natural beauty and health

As every beautiful women when you look at the mirror and ask yourself, What do you want to boost or loss even though you are a gorgeous woman with your shining eyes, soft hands smell like paradise and breast .. Oh sorry that's embarrassing side!, but really nice to talk about breast specially your beauty all. Do not stop at that point you can invent something to make them beautiful and natural.wearing comfortable brassiere without strong pressure specially if running or do exercise, that will be helpful. Eating enough healthy food such as proteins meat, eggs and fish every day to preserve the health of the skin. Water sports and exercises perfect for back to be straight , swimming and white

 water rafting, those are the most important not only for breast, but the whole body. Swim on back or float like crawl two or three times a week helps to strengthen back muscles. Do not carry something heavy that hurts your back and breast, so they are depending on each other to create your natural beauty. Sleeping on stomach much time not useful for your back and breast then try other sides while you are sleeping. Shower with warm water and let the water a few minutes on your breast and after that use lotion or cream appropriate with with you skin. Getting used to hurt your back by other conditions such as spending a lot of time .working on books or writing. That is, and make sure that your body parts are linked together specially back and breat.