Friday, August 26

Get rid of the make-up, damages all the day

Part of the makeup which skin absorbs instead of focusing on its features specially cell renewal. Skin produces fat, sweat and pick up dirt in the air to join the make-up. All these things are mixed together cause drought and skin suffocation, so without getting rid the make-up to remove the dead cells otherwise pores of the face would be affected by this. Make-up is necessary for some girls and women,but it is wrong to go to bed before removing the make-up specifically your eyes must have special care.

-You must take care of your eyes by cleaning the eyes of the make-up by a special lotion before you clean face.
-Do not forget cleaning your neck because it is complement of beauty.
-Some tissue papers are rough and can cause allergy on face, so do not use it to clean this area specially near the eyes.
-Use a cotton to clean your face, water to your eyes after remove mascara and make sure drying them properly, slowly and better if you have lotion specialized in washing eyes.
-Washing your face after two times or more a day is helpful to give a beautiful skin by getting rid of dead cells to your shining skin. Health scientists and doctors dermatologist have proved that the ideal skin is depending on proper care evening and morning to keep your skin youthful always.