Wednesday, August 10

Torrent programs

Firstly torrent is the best tool to download movies, programs and everything you need.
 Easy to deal with it , in addition to many features and fast download to any size of files. I'll show you some torrent programs then I'll tell you what is the best and decide what do you prefer. 


It has many features to download any type of files auch as movies, programs and songs, whatever.
You can see comments from others people about the file you want include torrent sites to search about something. If you download a movie it will take pictures of the movie to show you its quality, so you don't have to download a fake movie which requests to download program to watch it. By the way it is not real even if you download that program. I think viruses or a waste of time by group of people.

 These are the most important features. It has many you can explore that.

download it here


A small tool let you download any type of torrent files fast and easy. It is useful to who trusts files because its size but, it has disadvantages that cannot let download any file and see it if it is a video or read the comments about files by users from other sites.

download it here

Finaly I think there are many programs to download torrent files.
I prefer Bitcomet to download comfortably or peace of mind without bother.