Wednesday, January 25

What spam can cost ?

 Spam is junk email ( sometimes referred to as unsolicited commercial email or UCE ) that is sent automatically to thousands of recipients at once. it is currently estimated that between 40 and 60 per cent of email received in organizations spam. Once your email address falls into the wrong hands, you are likely to become the target of spam. Note that if you subscribe to a service that sends email notices of new product or a regular newsletter, whether or not you realize it, solicited them by subscribing to the service.

Spam is a cheap way to reach thousands of potential customers. Anyone what a PC and modem can send hundreds of thousands of messages an hour. The spammer may pay for connection time, but every recipient pays the costs of dealing with spam, and the cost to the recipient exceeds the cost to the sender. Although deleting is the way to deal with spam, there are hidden costs.

The internet service provider:
At an internet service provider's site, spam increases the workload on mail servers causing a delay to all the mail in a queue. Where an ISP uses spam filter ( It is a software to eliminate obvious spam ) the filtering consumes resources, so few ISPs provide it.