Friday, December 2

CPU Components , Control unit and Registers

Two parts of central processing unit ( CPU ) that make up all the CPU components. First part is the datapath or registers that thier tasks store data with the responsible for the basic arithmetic and logic unit ( ALU ). Second part is Control unit ( CU ) to control all instructions and make sure they will be delivered to the right place. Also control unit especially  is specialized as a responsible for fetching instructions from memory, decode them and transfer information or data to the arithmetic logic unit about type of information with the right register .

We have another register that exists in control unit ( program counter ) or PC which holds the instructions being executed.

On the side of datapath or ( registers ) there are registers called special purposes as their names to carry out only special purposes. Typically registers contain addresses, data and control instructions, but special purposes may contain only one of these tasks.Not only that, but with technology today there are many types of registers each one has its own purpose.

There are various sizes of registers, for instance 32 bits or 64 powered by the number 2 ( Base 2 - machine language ).