Thursday, December 8

ICTs systems components and radio waves

ICT  is a network that contains means of communications and can convey, manipulate and store data, each one of ICTs systems should have these principles. For instance convey a message through radio waves when a computer is connected by network only that can show us a clear example about an ICT system, because you have to be connected through network that enables to convey manipulate and store data. Also whether these ICTs systems have various types such as at home LAN, public services or even the big supermarkets that linked all computers in a network to a database to provide price and the type of goods.Network implements various operations because it works as a communication channel to manipulate, store and retrieve data to be delivered to the recipient from a transmitter or sender ( any type of data ). 

These links in a communication system are no more than by two ways can be done through a physical link or wireless. Physical based on a cable that provides a path to convey data, and wireless which based on radio waves, frequency that can be measured by Hz ( Hertz ). For example Bluetooth also uses radio waves, or WiFi but there is a little difference between Bluetooth which is PAN network shorter than LAN that we use at our homes, it covers a little more area.

Bits which represent the common traffic in ICTs systems. It is a combination of 0s and 1s in other words machine language called pulses in binary numbers.


Motherboard Repair said...

ICTs system is working fast in term of security of networks. It’s going good.

Jouse said...

Of course experts make this easy to be safe, then it is an important type of technology these days. Thank you for your comment.

motherboard repair said...

Its a great advantage too to have a wireless network to avoid hassles of wires..