Saturday, January 21

Operating Systems, main task and types - Computer components

Operating system normally is common operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS, however. Operating system is a program that enables users to communicate with computers easily by providing interface and means of inputting data and present output on the other out put devices like screen. The interface of early operating system like DOS and CP/M were based on text and commands which needed to be typed in following precise rules, but today most operating systems provide graphical user interface ( GUI ).

Operating system also manages access to the processor, memory and other peripheral devices because it may receive inputs from these devices. Operating system coordinates all these operation included interface ensuring data is moved safely among the other components in the system. This also to read ROM which has instruction for each operating system to load its own system ( Windows, Linux.. etc ) and boot program which is an important function of ROM to run a test of main memory and see what other peripheral devices are connected to the system.