Friday, January 20

Volatile and non-volatile - Types of memory to store data in computers

The computer has two types of memory of Storing files and data. You may have heard about RAM which means Random Access Memory or the main memory where the data and instructions are held to move from main memory to into registers , or to store programs instructions. RAM is considered as volatile because all data will be lost when is switched off. There is another type called non-volatile such as hard disk and ROM ( Read Only Memory ), hard disk also contains file storage memory which is used to store large amounts of data in the computer enable to keep data stored in. 

On the side of non-volatile such as ROM, for instance, what is the operating system main task to deal with ROM when you switch on your computer?. Firstly, operating system loads instruction that normally stored in the hard disk for each operating system device from ROM ( Read Only Memory ) because it is another type of memory that held instructions permanently from the hard disk, this is for operating system, but instruction that stored in ROM to let each operating system loads its own interface or bootstrapping are built into the memory chip during manufacture and cannot be changed. 

Boot program is executed when the computer switched on. This program communicates with the main memory and the devices in the computer according to instructions stored in ROM. This task about to make sure of other related devices before it loads a big program such as operating systems.