Saturday, January 14

Signals ( waves ) in ICT systems

It is important to know that in ICT system we must represent message or data in signals to convey data from one to another location, this process is the same with radio waves which enable to manipulate, store and convey data where this data travels along through other related means. You can think about more examples for signals like wires between telephone and local exchange, pulses through wires underground for bell house and many other things.Generally a signal full oscillation called wave cycle which is the frequency of the numbers of signals measured in Herts or (Hz).

We say that in one wave cycle every second ( one second = 1000 milliseconds )  = 1 Hz. And 1000 Hz = 1 KHz. Also 1000 KHz = 1 MHz and 1000 MHz equals 1 GHz ( gigahertz ) which represents 1 000 000 000 cycle every second .

As the signals travel from device to another, signal can get weaker and this problem may caused by the far of other devices or because of transmission that can absorb energy in the signal, this is known as attenuation.